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360-Degree Feedback

The 360 degree feedback is a versatile business tool which gathers behavioural insights on an individual in order to build a strong leadership pipeline for the organization. Feedback is sought via confidential assessments from multiple sources including seniors, peers, subordinates, partners and customers.

We use the 360 degree feedback tool for clients to help their employees gain insights on how they are perceived by key team members and stakeholders and become aware of their behaviours on critical leadership competencies. This opportunity enables them to build on their personal strengths and on improving in developmental areas thereby having a positive impact on personal and business performance.

From the organizational context, the 360 degree feedback can be integrated with the Talent management framework to build the overall leadership capability. This exercise can provide inputs on development of the existing leadership talent as well as identification of potential leadership talent within the organization.

Our 360 feedback surveys are hosted and administered online allowing for easy access and complete confidentiality for all respondents. To date, we have covered over 2,000 subjects across companies to great success.

At Cerebrus, we believe that 360 degree feedback needs to be followed up with action planning steps to transform data into a powerful tool for growth and change. We also offer individual counseling sessions with trained, specialized counselors, to discuss specific development needs and roll out an independent development plan.