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Managing HR

At Cerebrus, we provide HR management solutions specifically designed for organizations for various stages of their business lifecycles. Our expertise lies in discovering and developing strategies that helps our clients achieve their operational HR objectives in line with the overall business strategy.

We have done extensive work in providing our services to start-ups or small and mid-size businesses that possess limited in-house HR expertise. Our experienced consultants serve as an extension of the client’s HR department, delivering a combination of expert advice and implementation support to serve the startup and ongoing needs. Our consultants work on a time based agreement and are available on-site for day-to-day interaction with management and employees, functioning as true strategic partners, within the team.

Our services cover the full spectrum of the Human Resources function across the employee life cycle. This includes the entire gamut of processes from hiring, defining policies, setting up HR systems and ensuring implementation. Many of our small and mid size clients have continued with this service over an extended period of time.

At other stages we have assisted several organizations to articulate and implement a clear HR strategy to address aspects such as recruitment, talent management, retention, organization capability building as well as balance complex issues of cost management in the process. We work closely with our clients over a long period of time to ensure the effectiveness of such strategies.

Within this practice area, one of our key efforts is to develop and facilitate implementation of HR policies that are in line with the client’s business philosophy and organization values. We use our in-depth understanding of market practices and knowledge of statutory norms to translate the organization’s philosophy into comprehensive HR policies and procedures.
For those clients that have policies in place, our reviews are focused on assessing policies in terms of the desired organization culture, business strategy, statutory requirements and market best practices.

For continuous evaluation and improvement of the company’s policies, we use the HR Audit as a diagnostic tool to assess the quality, maturity and effectiveness of current HR practices against industry norms and its impact on the organization’s business goals.

Our aim is transform the client’s HR function, address key priorities and hand-hold the internal HR team to take over the reins, so we can step back in due course and play an advisory role when the internal capability is developed.