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Cerebrus Foundation

Cerebrus Foundation
The Cerebrus Foundation was set up in 2002 as a public charitable Trust. The Trust furthers the deep beliefs of the Founders in women’s empowerment and enabling women to live better lives.

The trust has supported organisations doing exemplary work in education for the girl child, helping women in developing livelihood skills and in providing destitute women support. It has also supported initiatives in upgrading skills of staff in health care and supported advocacy on women’s empowerment. The Trust has worked with exceptional women social entrepreneurs in these fields.

In keeping with the spirit of charity, the trust prefers to support these organisations anonymously.

Cerebrus’ Pro Bono Work
Cerebrus in keeping with the values and objectives of the Foundation, also does pro bono work for a large number of NGOs. Our work for a large number of NGOs is in the HR and organization development field and includes assistance in leadership development and coaching of leaders and founders. It has been our pleasure to have many NGOs maintain a continued relationship with us over the years.

Cerebrus has also provided assistance with project feasibility, setting up of basic systems and processes across the organization to several small NGOs.

We consider supporting and strengthening social entrepreneurship as a key contribution to society.