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Strategic HR Management

At Cerebrus, we support our clients on restructuring and organizational transformation initiatives. We help our clients design and implement transformation initiatives at various stages of organizational life cycle as well as during major corporate change events including changes in business goals, management ownership, entry into new businesses & markets, changes in business models, technology systems, performance expectations etc.

Rather than a one size fits all approach to our HR transformation consulting, we use a customized process for our clients across varied sizes, sectors and complexities. These are long duration engagements over a span of 6 – 18 months, and incorporate a combination of our services across compensation & benefits, organization design, job evaluation, design of work levels & bands, performance management as well institutionalization of various HR policies & processes.

We are sensitive that transformation is beyond restructuring organizations. Hence our portfolio of services also includes Change Management initiatives like Visioning, Culture building, building Employer brand, driving performance culture, capability building etc.

In challenging situations like Mergers and Acquisitions, companies face a host of issues in the integration. We have worked with a large number of organizations in the restructuring phase in M&A situations. Our work has combined areas like organisation design, integration of levels, compensation & benefits, performance management systems, employee communication, addressing retention strategies etc. We also provide implementation support including transition and fitment of employees into the new organization structure, work levels and compensation structures.

Through the entire transformation process, the ultimate goal is to align employees with the unified vision, values and culture directing the organization. For this, we closely work with the HR team to develop programs and activities for ensuring relevant and regular employee communication. 
We also support companies to strengthen their Employee connect and understand people related experiences that influence performance and productivity levels. We evaluate employee engagement levels across various parameters through a range of survey tools like Employee engagement surveys, Focus group discussions. 
We offer supplementary services of HR leadership & operational support to manage the transformation initiatives in the organization. We support the internal HR function and have assisted several organizations to articulate and implement a clear HR strategy to address aspects including recruitment, talent management, retention, organization capability building etc. We work closely with the senior management as well as key members of the HR team to enable them as ambassadors of the change process. We work with the team to complete a meaningful HR plan that guides the business for the short term and the long term.