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Performance Management

At Cerebrus, we develop integrated performance management systems tailored to our client’s needs. Our aim is to facilitate and optimize a performance oriented work culture that focuses on the goals of both the business and the individual employee.

We collaborate with the client on the content, methodology and administration of the system to ensure that it is perceived as a fair and meaningful process to key stakeholders. We help our clientsdesign a process that clearly establishes performance expectations for employees, linked to overall organizational objectives. This covers areas like creating the appraisal forms, defining targets and competencies, choosing rating schemes and describing performance levels. Our experienced consultants work closely with the client to ensure that the design of the process is cohesive and level appropriate across the organization.

We link performance parameters to business imperatives so that the results are quantifiable and are aligned to achieve organizational growth and support the company’s values and purpose.  We facilitate the translation of the business plans to action steps via Goal setting workshops. We also support clients in the design and deployment of the Balance Scorecard. Our role further includes cascading the goals and metrics to the workforce to ensure that each employee understands their role in achieving the organizations goals.

In addition, our focus is on hand-holding the client through the entire implementation of the process. In this area, our work includes managing communication, whether in the form of creating a simplified performance management guidebook or facilitating a communication workshop for employees. We also assist in the moderation and normalization process, to validate the consistency of assessment systems and to present a common understanding of performance standards across the organization.

To equip managers with the ability to provide quality feedback and ensure effective implementation of the performance management system, we have developed a customized feedback certification program ‘Performance Conversation’ aimed at building managerial capability.

We offer supplementary services to integrate the performance management system with other HR processes in the organization. We build capability in the HR team to continue coaching, training, mentoring, and ensure effective performance management. In conjunction, we design talent management programs for high potentials, and undertake coaching and mentoring, as well as succession planning exercises. We further extend support to our clients for linking performance to rewards, in the form of variable pay plans, incentive schemes, increment policy, promotion policy etc.