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Organization Design

In a constantly changing business climate, organizations need to continually evolve to retain their competitive edge in the market. At Cerebrus, we support our clients to adapt their organization design in line with their business context and organizational imperatives. We work with clients at varied points in their organization life cycle – start up, scaling to get rapid growth, well set but wishing to optimize and get greater benefits on productivity,  mature organization reinventing itself and addressing  cost and other issues, new entities created by M&A. At each of these points organisations need to review their structure and employment models.

Our approach begins with an understanding of the organization’s business strategy before we do an assessment of the strengths and concern areas of the organization’s structure. The aim is to ensure that the organization design is market aligned, future ready, agile, efficient and supports business requirements.

Our ability to understand business issues and a deep understanding of market models and approaches enables us to provide an expert view and provide detailed guidance on restructuring and transformation .We provide our expertise in the analysis and assessment of structures together with insights on various possible approaches  in the context of business needs and envisioning possible concern areas. Our strong conceptual framework together with a grounded sense about implementation issues enables a practical approach to organization design. We are able to envisage both business aspects as well as the people aspects that enable successful implementation.

Our detailed work on design includes detailing of aspects such as Role definition, authority matrices, placement of jobs into appropriate levels, determining employee numbers and identifying redundancies and providing for career paths for different streams.


  • We carry out a systematic review of the workforce numbers and employment model in order to help companies bring in greater efficiencies and optimize resources. We use a multi dimensional assessment to understand roles and their level of occupancy, issues in processes or systems, the volume of work/transactions handled, spans of control, employee ratios etc. bearing in mind changes anticipated in the context of the business plans.
    Based on our analysis and experience, we provide counsel on the workforce numbers required. We also focus on improving overall organizational efficiency by identifying areas where existing processes and capabilities need improvement along with an action plan to improve internal effectiveness in line with market best practices.
  • We work with organizations to carry out Job Evaluation and Job Banding exercises to stream-line the organization hierarchy, develop job bands, assist in designing career-paths for roles as well as form one of the inputs into the reward strategy.

    At Cerebrus we have a proprietary point rating job evaluation scheme that we have used for several organizations. Our scheme can also be customized to cover organizations such as R&D, captive units where traditional job evaluation schemes are not fully applicable.
  • As part of our organization restructuring and design portfolio, we also work with clients to do job analysis and documentation of roles in job descriptions. We help our clients either develop a new job description framework or rationalize existing ones to accurately reflect a position's key job responsibilities and the essential skills, experience and competencies required for the job.
    For some of our clients we conduct job description workshops where we provide a framework and facilitate the role holders to write their own job descriptions. These are further vetted and finalized by the functional heads and HR team.

    The job descriptions also form inputs into Job Evaluation exercises and are reference documents for other HR processes viz. training, recruitment, performance management, competency and career paths.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions situations require a lot of HR support to enable a smooth integration process. This involves harmonization of bands, compensation and HR policies besides restructuring of organization.We have worked with a large number of organizations through this integration phase. Our work has included areas like organisation design, harmonisation of levels, compensation & benefits, performance management systems and assistance in employee communication and addressing retention strategies.It has also often included assessment of individuals for fit in new roles.

    We provide a one point support on all HR matters through this phase.

    Our ability to provide both strategic and operational HR support and be a trusted advisor to management has made us valued partners in this situation. We have been part of many of the large well known M&As in the country. We have also worked with several multinationals in this area.