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Leadership & Capability building

At Cerebrus, we develop intensive capability building programs to create a long term impact in the behavior and performance of people resulting in sustainable benefits for the organization. These interventions are aimed to convert the individuals’ knowledge, skills and competencies into actions to achieve business growth.

We work with companies to develop their entire Learning & Development strategy including Leadership Development. Our strength lies in identifying the developmental focus areas and skills required by different target groups of employees in the organization and subsequently creating customized learning interventions.

We believe that it is critical to understand the competencies that are required for success within each job role in the organization. Identified competencies provide a yardstick to judge the ‘fit’ of individuals for the role thereby driving opportunities for improved performance. We work with clients to design behavioural, technical and functional competency frameworks that are in line with the company’s values and culture. This framework provides a strong foundation for hiring and fitment of people as well as for developing and retaining talent in those roles.

In the area of competencies, we specialize in conducting customized competency based assessment and development centres to manage talent, develop competencies and identify high potential employees for our clients.
Our 360 degree feedback is also a versatile business tool which gathers behavioural insights on an individual in order to build a strong leadership pipeline for the organization. To strengthen the effectiveness of such initiatives, we also offer individual counseling services and work with employees and the organisation to prepare customised individual development plans.
We undertake the full spectrum of training activities including training needs analysis, actual delivery and post training evaluation. We approach our training, coaching and capability building interventions with the firm conviction that the programs needs to make business sense.  Our panel of experienced trainers draw on our wide consulting experience to bring depth and perspective to the training sessions.
We have extensive experience in running these programs at both the leadership level and the middle management level. Our process is initiated by understanding the developmental needs of our client organizations to create customized programs for different target groups of employees. We aim to deliver experiences that help participants learn to apply their learning.
We also undertake Coaching engagements typically for the leadership team of an organization. The program is designed to suit both, high potential talent who are being groomed into leadership roles as well as individuals who need to bridge performance gaps.. We work collaboratively with our clients to create flexible coaching solutions where the individuals’ needs are aligned with the strategy and goals of the business.