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Assessment Centres

At Cerebrus, we specialize in conducting customized competency based assessment and development centres to manage talent, develop competencies and identify high potential employees for our clients. The insights from these centres are used for succession planning and leadership development initiatives in the organization.

Our process is designed to provide a unique opportunity to a select group of participants to experience self awareness, group behaviour and performance effectiveness through simulations of various aspects of the work environment. A combination of methods based on relevant competencies is used to ensure that participants have equal opportunities for insight and learning. The group size is typically about 12 participants and the process is usually conducted over a two-day intensive program. Across companies, we have assessed over 2000 managers at the middle & senior management levels using this methodology.
Participants undergo multiple assessment tools – simulations, role plays, case studies, and batteries of tests, some written, some psychometric, all of which are designed to assess parameters relevant to employee and company. This enables us to make assessments with a business framework and is not limited to a pure psychological framework. Our trained, experienced and objective assessors use these tools to observe and elicit patterns of behavior of individuals on key competencies, to help our client understand how these individuals will impact performance and influence the future direction of the organisation.

We focus on ensuring that the participants, as well as the wider organisation get value from the process. At the end, we provide practical, relevant feedback via one-on-one feedback sessions with the candidates to help them understand their strengths and areas of improvement. The feedback forms a strong foundation for the participants for their personal development action planning. Our assessors facilitate to construct individual development plans, design capability building plans and a training calendar for the participants.