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Employee Feedback Survey

The backbone of an organization is its workforce. Organizations consistently seek insights about employee engagement to understand people related experiences that influence performance and productivity levels. To help companies evaluate employee engagement, Cerebrus has a range of survey tools to measure various parameters for clients.
In the last three years, we have covered about 25,000 employees across companies and sectors and across all levels of employee - from unionized shop floor staff to the board level. We work with each client to ensure that the survey design addresses their specific business context and needs. We have conducted surveys in varied organizational contexts ranging from one time HR diagnostics, year-on-year tracking, quality assessments, and M&As.
Our survey questions are validated and deployment is customized for maximum inclusivity, including administration in the local language where required. These surveys are conducted online or on site while ensuring complete confidentiality of the feedback and process.  Additional tools like Focused groups discussions and Dipstick studies are also often used to get a more in-depth perspective and insights that supplement survey findings.
We share our analyses of the key issues and drivers of employee engagement levels with the client. Some additional inferences are drawn to highlight pockets of satisfaction / dissatisfaction across units, locations and demographic groups.

Based on the organizational implications of the findings, we partner with the company in action planning, prioritizing key issues and defining short term/ long term goals. We believe our strength lies in providing more than meaningful survey insights – we also help our clients construct a roadmap for action. For some of our clients, we have also partnered with them in implementing the defined roadmap.