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Talent Management

At Cerebrus, we offer high quality professional advice to ensure that our clients have the right pipeline of talented workforce ready to support the organization in realizing its strategic goals today and in the future. Our Talent Management practice area provides companies with the framework for attracting, developing, engaging, retaining and deployment of specific individuals with high potential and of strategic & critical value to the organization. Our approach to managing talent is based on the organization’s context, the industry & business environment as well as the nature of work and the skills required for the organization.

We believe that it is critical to understand the competencies that are required for success within each job role in the organization. Competency frameworks establish a common performance language and set of behavioral expectations that help integrate talent management processes, such as selection systems, leadership development programs, and performance management. The framework provides a strong foundation for fitment of people as well as for developing and retaining talent in specific roles. We work with clients to design behavioural, technical and functional competency frameworks that are in line with the company’s values and culture.

We also assist organizations in designing career progression frameworks especially covering individual contributor roles and provide norms that would allow for movement of jobs to the next level. This is applicable for those levels where it would be difficult to provide career progression if only job evaluation principles were applied. The framework provides avenues for both vertical and lateral career movement on the basis of enhancement of expertise levels. Our work in this area includes definition of career paths within the functions, guidelines and criteria for movement through the career path as well as a responsibility matrix for the client’s HR team to assess talent and manage careers in the organization.

As organizations change and grow, it may be difficult to assess how many future leaders will be needed and what new skills will be required to effectively grow the business. At Cerebrus, we assist and guide our clients in succession planning to bring a disciplined approach to manage these organizational challenges. Our endeavour is to ensure that the organization has quality people and key talent in the right roles in the current context, as well as a relevant and ready talent pipeline for the future.