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  1. Talent management

    Competencies and Career Framework for a large financial services provider

    The context:

    Our client is a pan-Indian, composite financial services provider that offers vehicle finance, business finance, home equity loans, stock broking and distribution of financial products to its customers. The Company operates from over 400 branches across India with assets under management over Rs.10,000 crores.

    The company was undertaking several HR initiatives to manage the exponential business growth. In this context, the company sought Cerebrus’ expertise to design a Competency & Career Management Framework for its core businesses, subsidiary businesses and subsequently for support functions.

    Our approach:

    We commenced the assignment with a review of the structure from the standpoint of the new businesses and support functions being covered. We considered the future business plans and functions that were likely to undergo structural changes and ensured that the Competency Mapping exercise was positioned appropriately.

    Cerebrus conducted discussions with Functional Heads / HR and the client’s internal project team to understand jobs & processes and to identify a set of unique jobs – representative of all organizational roles - to be covered for Competency Mapping.

    Competencies were derived through the job analysis route based on inputs from the direct and indirect stakeholders for every unique position. Factors that were ascertained from incumbents included granular breakdown of role into specific tasks and criticality, difficulties faced, critical success factors, support systems required, etc. In addition, inputs from superiors, peers and other internal stakeholders were taken into consideration. We ensured that the focus was not only on analysis and understanding of jobs but also on business data such as branch performance, incentives, etc

    Based on the analysis of data / information collected, detailed Job Descriptions, Competency Maps, Competency Dictionaries and Career frameworks were developed. These were finalized based on the inputs and feedback from the HR, Functional Heads and Senior Management.

    The outcome:

    The output covered exhaustive and comprehensive Competencies that were relevant to the organisation, its business purposes – both present & future and the numerous positions filled by the employees.

    We ensured that there was a dual focus, on Technical / functional & behavioural competencies (those relevant to the particular role) in conjunction with Organizational competencies (those expected of all employees in the company). The output of the engagement also included a Competency Matrix, that helped measure employee performance through the framework of competencies.

    We worked closely with the internal HR team to provide implementation support, facilitated Workshops for Job holders, Functional experts, Senior management, etc. and subsequently supported the internal HR team to develop in house expertise on this area for future requirements.

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