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  1. Strategic HR management

    M&A integration and Job Evaluation for a leading Telecom company

    The context:

    Our client is a UK based Telecom giant and currently one of the leading telecom service providers in India. It entered in India in 2007 through acquisition of an Indian Telecom company, The company has moved through various stages of acquisition over these years and has grown in terms of its circle coverage and subscriber base, exponentially over the years.

    Post the acquisition, the challenge was to transition the local bands of the erstwhile company to the organization structure and global banding framework of the acquiring organisation. The client retained Cerebrus to support in managing the changes in structures to align with the growth. We have partnered with this client over the past 12 years through all these stages of growth and expansion. Our work has been largely in the area of Job Evaluation and Banding, including integration of acquired circles / entities and fitment.

    Our approach:

    Over the years, Cerebrus has done the banding for the erstwhile Indian entity using the Cerebrus Point Rating Framework. The Cerebrus method is in line with international job evaluation schemes and is based on three critical aspects including know-how for the job, accountability levels and managerial inputs required.

    Our process for job evaluation included understanding the local and global organization structures, identifying benchmark jobs and understanding those jobs through review of available job descriptions and individual meetings. We also worked closely with the internal team to customize the framework and to vett the evaluations.

    Since the client followed an international JE scheme, the mapping of the Cerebrus framework was done to that scheme and was validated by the international consultant as well.

    The outcome:

    We considered the complexity in banding due to larger number of circles and licenses in India. Our scheme provided the scope for further detailing and providing alternative framework for evaluation for a large scale of operations. We developed Sizing Charts for the company that provided basis for evaluation of similar roles across circles, networks and specific functions.

    Based on the evaluations, our recommendations included alignment of the existing bands to the global bands as well as provided counsel on fitment of roles into new bands.

    In our experience we have seen that employees look for frequent career growth and it is common for organizations to have a large number of designations and levels. Hence, our recommendations also focused on redefining the global banding structure by creating local sub bands to create opportunities for career progression.

    Over a span of two years, we evaluated approximately 250 jobs for the client. Post integration, we have also been supporting the client in on-going evaluations for any changes in the structures or new roles created. Apart from the Telecom business, we have also worked with the Shared Services entities of the client organisation on Job Evaluation and Banding.

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