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HR Audit

At Cerebrus, we understand that it is important to engage in continuous evaluation and improvement of the company’s policies, procedures and practices to enable organizational growth.  We use the HR audit as a diagnostic tool to assess current HR practices against industry norms and its impact on the organization’s business goals.
We conduct an independent and comprehensive review of the quality, maturity and effectiveness of the HR function for our clients, covering the HR systems and processes and requisite legal compliances.
We undertake HR audits for varied organizations to facilitate them in adapting to the evolving policies, laws and best practices on a continuous basis. In start-up or small companies, we focus on bringing in the HR expertise to initiate discussions and introduce new processes. For more mature organizations, we conduct more comprehensive audits to improve the effectiveness of the HR function in line with the business strategy.
We also participate in the due diligence stage of prospective M&A’s on behalf of clients as their HR partner.
Multiple methods and tools are used for the audits such as interviews, observations, questionnaires, analysis of records and other secondary data. We gather perspectives on the company’s HR process effectiveness from different stakeholders, and help the client focus on the most critical areas of improvement.
Our HR audit report gives insights into the sources of problems that the organization is faced with and we partner with the client to develop short term and long term action plans for corrective and preventive measures.  Our focus is to facilitate the HR Department to actively contribute and participate and transition into a strategic business partner for the organization.