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  1. Strategic HR management

    Organization transformation for a pharmaceutical company in Mumbai

    The challenge:

    The client is a leading specialty pharmaceutical company based in USA that acquired a manufacturing facility in Goa, and three manufacturing plants plus clinical research set up in Mumbai. We partnered with the client to make their entry into India and smoothen operations for their acquisitions. Steps included conducting due diligence for each acquisition, since each facility had different employee bands, some of them unionized, without a unified HR policy to steer by. Additionally, post acqusition, Cerebrus was helped build key leadership strengths, set up HR infrastructure. We later supported the organization to integrate systems, evolve and stabilize before eventually handing over to the new HR team.

    Our approach:

    Cerebrus Consultants audited the HR processes in all the companies that client organization planned to acquire in India via discussions and review of documents, processes, and compliance. Each unit had unique philosophies, practices, and cultures in place. Through the integration process, we focused on effecting a culture and mindset change in the employees from a family-run business to a professionally managed company. We built the senior management team and picked key talent at middle management to align the company with global directives. Job banding and role clarity workshops were conducted; compensation was directed according to market benchmarking. We also designed and implemented a performance management system as well as HR policies and guidelines, and employee engagement & retention programs for the organization. 

    The resolution:

    Over the engagement, we worked with the client for over a period of 4 years providing strategic HR support on an ongoing basis. Our various development initiatives included administering a 360-degree feedback survey for senior and middle management, defining the learning & development strategy for the company, and undertaking training programs to build managerial effectiveness. Additionally, we increased internal HR capability in a phased manner, gradually handing over the reins to the internal team.

    Cerebrus successfully partnered with the company in not only setting up its people infrastructure, systems, and processes but also in managing and operating systems. We supported the organization through some of its critical and difficult transition phases and managed employee expectations and apprehensions in an effective manner. We did this while fostering a new management philosophy and revamping core values while aligning them to the parent company’s global vision.

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