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ERA 2011: 8th Mumbai Conference

With recession finally getting over and job opportunities resurfacing rapidly, organizations across India are focusing back on recruiting adept hands that would take them to the next growth trajectory. Though our educational policy has given access favorably to India's youth irrespective of their religion, gender or demography at large, yet finding such employable hands within the Educated Young India has become more daunting than ever.

While the academia is evolving newer strategies to make this young pool of educated people more employable; industry's search for 'Employable' young hands to join their work force increases in leaps and bounds. 

The challenge lies ahead in transforming these "Educated" young into "Educated and Employable" young to suit the demand of the Industries. The gap between the number of "educated" youth & number of "employable" youth is on the rise. Thus emerges a new strata of work force often labeled as “Educated Unemployed”. It is felt that the recruitment fraternity needs to address the issue for larger section and recommend action plans to "Empower" this new strata of "Educated Unemployed" for the benefit of all. 

Executive Recruiters' Association (ERA) being the apex chamber of Commerce representing the recruitment industry in India realizes this bigger role in addressing this increasing gap through a daylong conference with a view to understand what it takes to be employable in today’s competing world. Anita Ramachandran, CEO Cerebrus Consultants, was one of the illustrious set of speakers for this conference. She shared her insights on the area of Compensation Trends in the New Decade.