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HR Building Future Leaders - Ascent presents ASIA PACIFIC HRM CONGRESS 2012

The 11th edition of the Congress, as an additional feature this year, hosted a Compensation & Rewards Summit, chaired by Anita Ramachandran, CEO Cerebrus Consultants. The theme for the summit was Rewards: Staying Competitive in a Changed world.
While rewarding staff for achievements is nothing new, it has never been more important than it is today. The past few years have seen a seismic shift in the way employees of varying ages and experiences view benefits. What was attractive to people five years ago could be something your employees turn their noses up at today, and what works for the older generation might not be enough to keep the seemingly demanding and fussy Gen Y leaders of tomorrow at their workstations. To be able to attract the best potential candidates for any given job, a company’s compensation and benefits package has to be competitive enough to draw in talent who might otherwise head towards competition, but it also must offer a solid wage plan. No organisation wants a top performer to use dissatisfaction with pay as a reason to leave.

The summit had practitioners sharing inputs and practices on ways to build and maintain a successful compensation and rewards strategy.
Some of the speakers at the event included Shyam C Raman,senior VP - group HR,The Murugappa Group; Devi Mani,Country Manager - Compensation & Benefits, Hewlett-Packard; Kishore Sambasivam, Director - Total Rewards,SAP Labs India Pvt.Ltd; Samir Gadgil, Head - Compensation & Benefits, Wipro Ltd; Leena Sahijwani, Director - Compensation & Benefits, GE India Industrial Pvt. Ltd; Shamita Chatterjee, Head - C&B, Infosys Ltd; Ravi Dasgupta, VP - group HR, Biocon Ltd.