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‘Mobility for Women’ - Seminar organized by WICE – a joint venture between Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC, Nestle Lanka Ltd and Unilever Sri Lanka Ltd

The WICE steering committee aims to shape the path for professional women, facilitating members to share insights on career progression, education, diversity, inclusion and cultivate strong professional networks – driving both personal and organizational success.
This seminar provided insight into emerging trends in global mobility and ways for women to seize opportunities for greater professional success. The welcome address was delivered by Udayan Dutt, Director Human Resources and Corporate Relations, Unilever Sri Lanka. He spoke about the significance of mobility and how organizations leverage a mobile workforce to remain competitive.  Lianne Houben, Deputy Head of Mission/ Counsellor, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands was the keynote speaker of the evening and she shared her experiences as mobile female professional. Sabitha Rao, Director Cerebrus Consultants, shared some remarkable insights in the area of women’s mobility and careers which was an eye opener for many women managers working towards striking a balance between work and personal life.
The seminar was attended senior level executives and managers from the three founding organizations of WICE, along with leading female professionals from other reputed organizations.